• How fast can you scan websites?

    How quickly do you find information on websites? Compare your speed to others! This study takes around 10 minutes.

  • How good are you at data analysis?

    Do you wonder how good you are at using different kinds of data? Try to make sense of some charts and see how you compare to others. This will take around 10 minutes.

  • What is your personality?

    In this 10 minute study we will predict your personality traits, like how extroverted you are!

  • What is your problem solving score?

    How well do you solve new problems? Test your problem solving abilities! This study will take around 10 minutes.

  • What do you see?

    How well you can read different types of graphs? Learn what type of graph is best for you, and you can help us invent new graph types. This experiment takes about 10 minutes and requires a laptop or tablet.

  • Where in the world does your taste live?

    Judge the visual appeal of website screenshots and we will tell you the country that your taste matches up with.

  • How good is your nutrition knowledge?

    How good is your nutrition gut? Can you tell just by looking at a meal whether it is a significant source of protein, fat, or carbohydrates? This test takes about 10 minutes.

  • What is your privacy profile?

    Find out how your data sharing behavior compares to others and learn about the Internet of Things. This study takes around 10 minutes.

  • Multitasking Test

    How well can you multitask? Compare yourself to others by taking this test! Takes about 10 minutes.

  • Test your social intelligence!

    Test how well you can read emotions of others just by looking at their eyes. This experiment takes around 10 minutes.

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